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Voice of the Earth

Do you feel like singing? Do you want to be outdoors? Do you want to feel safe, in a pandemic-proof place? Do you want to know our planet and how to make the most of its resources, impacting the environment as little as possible ?! The answer to all these questions is only one: Voci della Terra - Voices of the Earth, the new eco-sustainable choral reality!

The project of a sustainable choir, conceived by M ° Martina Zambelli, with the precious contribution of the biologist Dolores De Felice, was born from the impulse to create something beautiful and poetic, but also useful, safe and inclusive, at a time when humanity seems to need more than never of beauty, pragmatism and tolerance.

Beauty and poetry will be treated in the context of a wide and multifaceted singing musical repertoire, by geographical origin and historical period of the pieces treated. The music will be taught exclusively during the rehearsals by exploiting the memory, thus avoiding the home study, as well as the environmental impact of the printing of the scores (which will not be necessary and which will take place at the complete discretion of the individual).

Very useful will be the ideas and environmental notions that, little by little, will be offered at the beginning of each meeting: tips for optimizing one's daily life that will highlight, among other things, that the best choices for the planet... are also the best ones for all of us! Furthermore, there will be no lack of fauna and botanical frameworks on the locations we will visit. It will be an exciting adventure!

Safety first of all: the outdoor rehearsals guarantee a level of serenity that no room can ever give us, in these troubled times; moreover, also based on how many participants will join the initiative and the staff, in terms of vocal registers, available, I have developed three formations that will make the contagion, of anything that is not only harmony and joy of singing, impossible!

Inclusion will be the watchword of this project; there will be no limits of age, number of participants, religious beliefs, political confession, in short: all those who love music will be welcome; even the out of tune! Who will be able to accompany the choir with the instruments at their disposal, after coordination with the concertmaster.

Now: some details!

WHEN: in October we will start!

HOW + WHERE: the advantage of a born choir is to be able to build itself in the image and likeness of its members; fill in the questionnaire at the following link to have a say in the days, places and times of the rehearsals!

HOW MUCH: money is not sustainable. That's why I will be happy to run this business in the greenest way possible: for free.

WHAT: at first we will face Christmas carols so that, in December, we will perform in some itinerant performance of these wonderful musics. After that: everything that smells of Earth, will taste of Earth, will move those strings that we have in the depths of our roots, will be welcome, as well as your own musical proposals!

DURATION: all the meetings will last no longer than 90', based on the achievement or not of the goals set by the conductor.

OUTFIT & MATERIAL NEEDED: it will be necessary to cover up well, during the rehearsals, especially in winter; it is also suggested to bring a mat to sit at will. For what concerns the exhibitions, the watchwords will be: sustainable fibers and materials (cotton, viscose, lyocell, linen, recycled materials, etc.) and natural colors (beige, gray, brown, green, white, cream, etc.) .

That is all for the moment! And please: fill out the questionnaire at the link above which, for your convenience, I also report below!

What to say? Can't wait to all sing together!


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